How to Provide Consistent IT Service Delivery with ISO 20000-1

Consistent IT service delivery with ISO 20000-1 is not only possible but easy. If you want to retain the customers you’ve spent so much money acquiring, you have to make sure you are giving them a steady, predictable product.

Imagine going to your local McDonald’s. You walk in and order the same thing you always do, a quarter pounder. You get the burger. Maybe not the best food you’ve ever had, but exactly what you expected.

Now imagine going overseas. You’re visiting Amsterdam with your family. You walk in and feel transported. Same menu, same uniforms, same chairs. You order the quarter pounder. Same burger.

The ability to replicate the same product or service consistently is the backbone of successful companies. That is what Ford’s Model T or Ray Kroc’s burgers have in common.

People would rather have a mediocre product that they can count on than something incredible but unreliable.

You want to provide both. Something above the cut and steady. You want to reduce the risk for your customer while providing as much value as possible. And you can! You can provide consistent IT service delivery with ISO 20000-1.

Looking to implement ISO 20000-1 in your business?

Your service management system (SMS) Plan

When you implement your ISO, you’ll build an SMS Plan. This is a document that outlines your companies approach towards IT service delivery.

You document all the processes in your business. What are the responsibilities of each person? What policies are in place? What are the services you provide?

You also detail the scope of your plan. Does your plan cover outsourced processes? Do you have different requirements for internal and external customers?

Your SMS plan is going to allow you to provide consistent IT delivery service with ISO 20000-1.

What questions do you have and how can we help?

Clear Guidelines Help Provide Consistent IT Service Delivery with ISO 20000-1

By creating clear guidelines for every process in the business, you can provide consistent IT service delivery with ISO 20000-1.

Here are the Top 5 Ways:

  1. Eliminate Ambiguity: When you have a clear roadmap that tells your team what decision to make at each turn, they no longer have to guess the best way to handle a situation. A customer can expect the same response no matter who their point of contact is.
  2. Preventive Action: Team members will be expected to contribute to the culture of continual improvement. Taking preventive actions is one way that your people can provide consistent IT delivery service with ISO 20000-1. They will be able to see any bottlenecks before they occur and nip the problem in the bud.
  3. Common Lingo: Have you ever gotten your IT people and your HR people in the same room? They seem to speak a completely different language. Imagine how much worse that problem is for a customer who is being transferred between departments. Changing this dynamic allows you to provide consistent IT delivery service with ISO 20000-1. Every employee is trained to speak the same lingo.
  4. Reduce Redundancies: With clearly defined roles and responsibilities, your team provides customers more consistent IT delivery service with ISO 20000-1. Everything is documented and each person knows what needs to be taken care of.
  5. Improved Accountability: If everyone is responsible, then no one is. A simple fact of life is that we all struggle to do what we should when no one is looking. That’s why the improved accountability given by the RACI matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) will help you provide more consistent IT delivery service with ISO 20000-1.

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