FREE ISO 9001 Certification Cheat SheetFree For IT companies 

If you are like most executives, you spend your time improving revenues, cost, and productivity; not studying the ISO 9001 Certification Process. Still you’ve decided to become ISO 9001 Certified for one of these common reasons:

To satisfy a customer requirement
To gain competitive advantage
To improve your internal operations

That’s why we put together this ISO 9001 cheat sheet. It provides an executive overview of ISO 9001 Certification process, and you’ll learn all the key steps and how to plan for your ISO 9001 certification.


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“ Sunita is an excellent consultant who works closely with the organization’s existing processes and focuses on improvising the same. She makes process implementation extremely smooth – working with the existing culture and systems, so enhancement doesn’t become a burden. Her knowledge about quality processes and enhancements amazing and are in sync with needs and value rather than going by theories – which is what the industry needs right now! It has been a pleasure knowing her and working with her! ”

Mahua Chatterjee
ISO Coordinator / Marketing & Communication Specialist 

Paramount Software Solutions, Alpharetta, GA

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