3 Ways to Instantly Minimize ISO Certification Disruption

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3 Ways to Instantly Minimize ISO Certification Disruption

Want to minimize ISO accreditation disruption to keep the timeframe in check. Accreditation usually takes 6, 12, or 18 months. Getting things done right the first time means less money, less manpower, and a better quality management system that will set your company up for success.

(Most small businesses can implement ISO in 3 months or less with Sync Resource.)

Here are 3 ways to minimize ISO accreditation disruption.


Have a solid plan to minimize ISO accreditation disruption. Implementing ISO is complex. There’s no winging it. As in every other area of life, plans reduce uncertainty. They make goals clear and specific. They get everyone on the same page about what they need to do and when.

When you plan, you give your team the tools they need to do their job well.

Pick the Right Leader to Minimize ISO Certification Disruption

Don’t just need the right plan for success. You need the right person to put that plan into action. To minimize ISO certification disruption and save time, someone in management is a good choice.

The quality system is really a Success System. A person who is respected inside the company that can focus on profitability and growth, and that has the decision-making power to enact change is set up perfectly to make quality choices.

If someone on the management team isn’t available, that’s okay. As long as the leader of ISO implementation is business-minded and has the support of management, you can be successful.

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Consistent and Clear Documentation

Documenting your procedures is a lot of what ISO implementation is about. Documenting well is difficult.

Without clear direction, some of your employees will write down their process in 2 lines and others in 200. While this could reflect the difference in their jobs, the discrepancy usually reflects a difference in their writing style.

To minimize ISO certification disruption, make sure you give guidelines to your staff about documentation. Or having a third-party interview people and write down all procedures. Otherwise, there’s a risk of having to rewrite everything submitted.

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We have tips that will minimize ISO certification disruption.

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