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Currently, NIST 800 171 Rev 2: Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations are used for compliance with CUI requirements. Requirements apply to all nonfederal systems and organizations that process, store, and/or transmit CUI, or that provide protection for such component. Since this standard is not audited, in order to improve the cybersecurity posture of the Defense Vendor’s or Defense Industrial base, DoD has planned migration to CMMC. All DoD vendors which constitute approximately over 300,000 will need to migrate to CMMC by 2025. CMMC has 5 levels and the draft has the practice and processes that are to be achieved at each level. CMMC 1-3 level require meeting all 110 controls specified in NIST 800-171.

The Importance of Implementing the CMMC

The DoD always has certain clearance levels to accessing their data. However, once that data is accessed and moved to a new system, the DoD loses control over it. Before the CMMC, there was no system to ensure that sensitive data, such as CUIs or FCIs on contractor systems remained safe. It was assumed that these businesses would do their due diligence and develop cybersecurity measures befitting a defense contractor. Unfortunately, over time, the DoD realized that this wasn’t the case, and a formalized standard would need to be implemented to ensure that their data remained secure on contractor systems. 

Cybercrime targets corporate systems. While most defense contractors would have measures in place to avoid becoming a victim, there’s no foolproof method of preventing breaches. The CMMC was designed to give defense contractors an added level of protection. By following the guidelines outlined by the document, they stand a better chance of avoiding breaches and, if breaches happen, of losing sensitive data to the intruders. These are crucial to what the DoD refers to as a “Defense in Strength” approach to data security. By encouraging contractors to rely on the CMMC, the DoD proposes the adoption of industry best practices to secure both local and client data. 

Benefits of Implementing the CMMC

Businesses have realized that the DoD is dedicated to ensuring that their list of contractors and subcontractors are all compliant with the CMMC over time. As a result, there is an ever-growing network of third-party certification companies that deal with issuing CMMC certification. Businesses that deal with data-based solutions may do well to gain certification since it provides significant benefits to the organization, including: 

  • Access to DoD Contracts/Subcontracting: While it’s not a requirement to be CMMC certified to work on specific DoD projects, this stipulation is liable to change. At some point, contractors and subcontractors that don’t have the certification may be locked out of particular contracts. 
  • More Robust Data Security: The CMMC incorporates standards developed in the past that address significant cybersecurity advances. Businesses can benefit from having the CMMC implemented because it gives them an added protection layer against breaches.
  • Better Recovery: If a breach does happen, the CMMC has an outlined methodology for recovering from the incident, which includes taking stock of any data that has been taken and reporting it to the relevant authorities. This transparency allows for more trust between the client and the vendor. 
  • Collaborative Risk Approach: Cybersecurity is an arms race and assessing risk on all assets of the organization helps to reinforce a business’s defenses and identify treatment. Simultaneous attacks may happen, but it’s unlikely that they could hit the entire contractor network. Any breaches can be analyzed, and the information monitored to develop security control against future violations of similar kind. 

Should My Business Get Certified? 

The determination about whether you should get certified comes down to if you’d like access to this lucrative market. If you’re already a defense contractor, certification should happen sooner rather than later. Contact Sync Resource today to learn more about CMMC certification. Let’s help you become compliant today! 

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