About us


A Quality & Ingenuity Synergy

Our goal is to help make Quality Simpler and Easier for you to achieve.

Imagine setting out on a complex journey through a foreign landscape, certification requirements looming like tall mountains ahead. Now, picture a seasoned team of guides joining your side, their years of expertise shining like a beacon in the wilderness.

That's who we are.

We map out your certification path, turning the towering peaks into manageable steps. Our expert team navigates you through quality, safety, and environmental management systems, tailoring the process to your organization’s unique needs.

The journey, daunting at first, becomes an invigorating adventure. Most of our clients, once lost in the maze of ISO/CMMI/CMMC certification, find themselves at the peak within 90 days, some in an astonishing 30!

But this isn’t just about reaching the summit more quickly. It’s about the vista that opens up once you’re there. With certification under your belt, your organization is now in the running for major contracts.

The once daunting mountain range is now beneath your feet, a testament to your achievements. And far on the horizon, you see them – the promising glimmers of multimillion-dollar opportunities.

So, take that first step with us. Let’s embark on this journey together and turn potential into success.


Our Team

Founder & PresidentSunita Verma

Sunita Verma, Founder and President of Sync Resource started the company in 2009 with a vision to provide management consulting to small & medium size businesses in United States. Since its inception, Sync Resource Inc has seen an explosive growth in its portfolio of Technical standards and industry sector deliverables.

With relentless effort by Sunita, Sync Resource Inc has become a one stop shop for ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO13485, IATF 16949, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001 and CMMI. She has used her previous experience of diversified roles in Engineering and Quality fields to help companies to achieve standard which are value add, sustainable and easily integrated to other new standards.

Sunita holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, India with prestigious gold medal by then President of India and renowned Scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

As an active philanthropist she believes in pay it forward and is a contributing member of charitable organizations like St Jude’s Foundation and North Fulton Charities.

Strategy AdvisorMyaj Stewart

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Bavaria, Germany, Myaj has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, with skills in effective communication and problem-solving.

Myaj strongly believes in lending a helping hand whenever and wherever possible.

With over a decade of sales experience under her belt, Myaj has traversed the entire spectrum, from low-value transactions to solutions-driven endeavors, all the way up to high-ticket deals. This extensive journey has enriched her with insights into the nuances of sales dynamics and understanding diverse business needs.

Strategy AdvisorAlicia Saddoris

Alicia Saddoris, a Wisconsin native now enjoying life by the seaside, is a seasoned Sr. Strategy Advisor at Sync Resource. Specializing in ISO, CMMI, and CMMC consulting and appraisal, Alicia brings her expertise and passion to help organizations achieve their certification and compliance goals. When she’s not assisting clients, you’ll find her powerlifting, enjoying trips to the beach with her husband and dog, and embracing the coastal lifestyle.

Operations ManagerHoma Kausar

Homa Kausar brings over six years of experience in operational management to the table. With a Master’s degree in Computer Application, she possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of managing operations in today’s dynamic business environment.

Homa has a proven track record of success in overseeing operations for both local and global clients. She manages both delivery and operations team activities, including project management, resource allocation, and performance monitoring. Her strong analytical skills and strategic mindset makes her well-equipped to drive operational excellence and ensure client and organizational success.

Sr Consultant Darrell Tabb

Accomplished and goal-driven IT Professional with more than 15 years’ extensive experience spanning across GxP regulated industries. Diplomatic leader and analytical thinker able to assist clients with identifying technology solutions to strategically align with business growth. Experience with Gap analysis, Quality Implementation audits, project management and planning using solutions-orientated approach for optimal results. Inapt ability to inspire, motivate and cultivate productive working relationships with employers and business partners.

Specialties: – Help businesses combine various ISO standards and certifications into a single, unified approach with integrated management systems (IMS) to allow for more efficient and effective processes for managing quality, safety, and information security controls.

Sr ConsultantMichelle Rodriguez

Bringing forth over 18 years of extensive experience within the healthcare & ISO realm, Michelle’s expertise revolves around CMMI/ISO consulting, staff training, and meticulous record upkeep. Holding certifications in both CMMI and ISO, Michelle acts as Coach for entities pursuing the implementation of CMMI and ISO practices. Through the integration of industry-leading methodologies and the streamlining of procedures, her contributions have facilitated organizations in attaining coveted CMMI and ISO certifications. These achievements have tangibly contributed to the optimization of operations and the assurance of adherence to exacting quality benchmarks.