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What is ISO?

ISO Certification is a respected designation based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization). ISO operates in around 150 countries and has published over 16,500 international standards which are being practiced in many industries worldwide. The ISO delegates meet each other on a regular basis to further develop new standards and modify existing standards according to the latest developments and management needs.

ISO certification offers tremendous advantages for internal and external operations. Your business becomes more efficient and profitable and your customers more confident.

What is ISO certification All About?

Following are the six golden points that will explain all about ISO certification and its process:

  • Document Control: Every process occurring in a system needs to be documented with a number and a revision or review date.
  • Record Control: Documentation systems need to be saved and maintained in digital and hard format.
  • Internal Review or Internal Audit System: An organization must have an internal audit routine with designated internal auditors trained in ISO standards.
  • Non- conformance: Anything that does not comply with ISO standard is a non-conformity.
  • Corrective Action: Rectifying a non-conformance is called Corrective Action.
  • Preventive Action: Reducing the chance of recurring non-conformance is called taking preventive actions.

Biggest Myth About ISO Certification Just Got Unveiled!

ISO International standards are being developed or modified when needed. ISO does NOT involve in certification and does NOT issue certificates. The process of certification or renewal is performed by third parties. The ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) has developed a number of standards on the certification process that governs the third parties.

Five advantages of being ISO Certified:

Every standard holds unique benefits for different manufacturing product sites. However, the top five blockbuster advantages to get ISO certification are:

  • Higher success rates in public and private tenders.
  • Improved Customer satisfaction levels (This leads to a higher residual and repeat transactions.)
  • Quality improvement of products and services
  • Optimized efficiency leading to increased profit margins
  • Value to the company (ISO certification is a valued asset for any organization.)

How Do I Know If I Need to Get ISO Certification?

ISO certification is a necessity for your organization in order to get ahead of the industrial competition. Ask yourself these 7 eye-opening questions:

  • Worried about recurring problems in your value end chain? You can eliminate the root causes of the recurring problems in your operation cycle and save time, energy and money.
  • Would you like to manage your resources for efficient time utilization?
  • Would you like to consistently hit productivity targets?
  • Would like to have a stronger bond between you and your consumers with a proactive customer care system?
  • Would you like to improve supplier relationships?
  • Would you appreciate a competitive advantage when bidding work?
  • Would you like to make improvements that can increase profit margins and decrease leakages in your system?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then ISO certification could be right for you. Start Your ISO Certification Process.

How to Get ISO certification?

Sync Resources aims to make the ISO certification process much easier and convenient for you. We help with an initial assessment of getting an idea where your organization currently stands in accordance with ISO standards. Gaps are identified and a timeline advised to close those gaps. An audit will be performed by an expert team with your staff.

Looking to get ISO 9001 accreditation for your business or have questions?

Take advantage of years of research and the accumulated knowledge of thousands of companies that have helped form ISO standards.

Looking to get ISO 9001 accreditation for your business?

What questions do you have and how can we help?


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