10 Huge CMMI V2.0 Changes

CMMI V2.0 Changes – An Overview

The newest CMMI V2.0 has been released. This release provides the optimum solutions to boost the performance of the organization. Changes also increase competency levels that can positively impact business results, products’ and services quality along with cost effective strategies.

“CMMI V2.0 is worldwide known for having a definite set of practices that empowers an organization to improve competency levels, performance and typical business processes.”

Why Were CMMI V2.0 Changes Necessary? 

CMMI V2.0 changes were made to keep up with rapid modernization in today’s market. The CMMI model also needs to be updated. It gives just the right solutions that are easy to adapt and apply and result in enhancement of overall organizational performance levels.

When was CMMI V2.0 Released?

Yes! On March, 28th 2018.

How do CMMI V2.0 Changes Make it Different from CMMI V1.3?

The following is a detailed account of the CMMI V2.0 changes and improvements:

  • Easy to Understand and Conveniently Accessible

Being written in non-technical business language, CMMI V2.0 changes can easily be understood by non-native and non-technical people. Another plus point is easy translation in other languages. Generic Goals and Generic practices got substituted by sustaining practices. Evolutionary path for improvement has been designed in such a way that the practices at one level become the foundation of practices on the next level. Instead of flipping through a thick book, licensed users can access CMMI V2.0 online anytime and anywhere.

  • More User-Friendly

Scalable architecture that ensures seamless integration and guidance to meet every business demand. CMMI V2.0 changes include has set of predefined agile methodologies to strengthen the procedures along with system security and safety. Online format further makes it easier to understand before implementation.

  • Single Sign-On Interface

A single sign-on interface with an easy reach to CMMI V2.0 appraisal system, detailed content of the redesigned model reduces a potential chance of redundancy boosting your CMMI V2.0 journey in full gear.

  • More Focused on Performance

In order to get faster ROI (Rate of Investment), performance levels need to be made better because only with the help of performance levels one can be able to jump from one maturity level to another one. The level 1 addresses Basic Performance which is built on practices, but these practices need to be improved in order to get ahead in the Maturity levels. The performances made in each maturity level are compiled in a report format and that performance report is attached to each appraisal of the benchmark.

  • Better Adaptability Guidance

Step-wise guidance on ways how to get started with the new CMMI version. The concrete guidelines will provide a great help in identifying false starts and ways to avoid them. Further to aid the guidance process, resources are always available and easily accessible so that continuous improvement can be ensured.

  • New Appraisal Class

Sustainable class which is a new appraisal class has substantially reduced to ensure maturity over time. After the first sustainment appraisal, benchmark maturity level can get additional 2 years rating.

  • Replacement of SCAMPI Appraisal

Benchmark appraisals have substituted SCAMPI A appraisals that can lead to maturity level rating that will be valid for next three years. Moreover, appraisal methods are being statistically validated so that better results can be accomplished.

  • Evaluation Appraisal

SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C are being replaced by Evaluation Appraisal which can be conveniently used by any type of organization be it a small or giant multinational company. CMMI V2.0 is far more flexible to meet various business needs around the world as compared to the previous version of CMMI.

  • Differences in Maturity Levels

The CMMI V2.0 changes haven’t had much of an effect on Maturity Levels. These levels remain somewhat similar to the Maturity Levels that were mentioned in CMMI V1.3.

How the Implementation of CMMI V2.0 Changes Can Result in High-Performance Outcomes

  • Drives Innovation and Competitive Edge

The CMMI V2.0 changes will definitely show you a way to deliver your services faster and flawlessly – and guess what? Your cost will be reduced, increasing your profit margins.

  • Persistent Processes

Generic Practices being transformed into sustainable practices is another virtue of making organizational processes persistent to growth and improvement.

  • Timely Appraisals

Frequent appraisals will provide an insight to involved stakeholders which will boost their confidence on the current Maturity level of the organization and the ways to improve it.

  • Performance at All Levels

Performance at all Maturity levels will be ensured as you will be having timely appraisals and have a clear vision for the high maturity pathway.

How Can CMMI V2.0 Changes Increase Business Value?

  • Embeds Continuous Improvement in Business Model

CMMI V2.0 changes deliver a culture of continuous improvement with the use of best-in-class procedures so that performances can be optimized.

  • Identifies Key Capabilities

Recognize key capabilities that are closely tied to business results contributing to cost reduction and better ROI (Rate of Investment).

  • Organizational Performance is Benchmarked

With CMMI V2.0, one can get the best solution to skyrocket organizational performance exhibiting solid realistic outcomes.

  • Able to Attain High Maturity Levels

Being CMMI V2.0, one can reach heights of High Maturity levels with sustainable benefits and profitable outcomes.

CMMI V2.0 Changes in Terminology

  • Generic Goals and Generic practices have been replaced with Governance and Implementation Infrastructure.
  • Process Areas being replaced by Practice Areas
  • Specific Context has been made in which each practice area is being broken up.
  • Sustainable Appraisal is now New Appraisal Class.
  • SCAMPI A is being replaced by Benchmark Appraisal.
  • SCAMPI B and SCAMPI C appraisals are now being replaced by Evaluation Appraisals.
  • Acquisition is being replaced by Supplier Management.
  • For achieving an appraisal to a high maturity level, content is required to get required information.

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