What to Look for in Hiring an ISO Consultant

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Hiring an ISO consultant is difficult. The reason you are getting an expert is that you don’t know enough about the process to do it yourself.

Luckily, there are just a few qualities you need to look for when hiring an ISO consultant. You can assess all of them yourself.

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Pricing and Timeline are Important When Hiring an ISO Consultant

First things first. If hiring a specific ISO consultant means breaking the bank, don’t hire that one. Be wary of anyone who price well below the market, too. Saving money is great but if you skimp on quality, then there was no point in hiring an “expert” in the first place.

Watch out for consultants who give you unrealistic timelines. Most jobs simply can’t be done in 2 months, even for small organizations. Only work with people who are honest and upfront with you about the kind of time and work you need to put in.

Track Record

Getting a track record on a business is easier today than ever before. Whether you check Yelp! or call up past clients, be sure to check out the consultant’s experience. How long have they been in the business? What kinds of companies have they worked with?

Don’t just focus on general concerns. You know what kinds of problems your business has. Ask them if they’ve seen the issues you’re dealing with. Request references from clients who had similar problems.

Understanding past experience is key to hiring an ISO consultant.

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Focus on Well-Rounded Candidates When Hiring an ISO Consultant

Some consultants out there specialize in the medical device industry, some in the car industry, and some in the IT industry.

We often believe that specialization is the key to being good at what you do. But this isn’t always true. Having general knowledge allows us to see things from a higher plane.

When hiring an ISO consultant, find someone who has experience in all certifications. They understand the core of ISO. Even better, if you find yourself needing a consultant for a different sector next year, you’ll already know who to go to.

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Don’t let hiring an ISO consultant overwhelm you. Stick to the basics: good, honest service at a decent price.

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