Critical ISO Certification Advertising Rules

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ISO Certification Advertising Rules

A bunch of congratulation for achieving ISO certification!

You have just finished your ISO audit and have been handed over a brand new ISO certificate.

Reward your internal audit on special notes by offering them monetary bonuses  as token of appreciation, customized mugs, shirts, calendars and diaries with your company’s logo on is another smart marketing technique. The first thing you should do is to celebrate the achievement with your team, shoot out an email of admiration to everyone, you can hold a press conference and prepare a press release, display banner of announcement on your website but what to do afterwards. Below you will find guidelines in order to understand how to market yourself.

What are the ISO Certification Advertising Rules?

Having ISO certification can give you competitive edge among your competitors. Here are few effective enlisted ways to use your ISO certification as a lethal marketing weapon.

ISO Certification Advertising Rules – How to Display ISO Certificate?

Displaying a hanging copy of ISO certificate on your reception desk or your entrance is also not a bad idea but more effective ways to display such strong marketing weapons are to display on corporate events, on your workers’ uniform or on exhibition standees.

ISO Certification Advertising Rules – Using the ISO Logo  Offline

You can have the certification mark on your company’s letterhead, documents, business cards, flyers, handouts or stationary.

Using the Logo On Online Basis

Include the certification mark on the home page of your website and at your social media digital banners so that online audience should get to know about the improvement that you have accomplished in your business. There are few ISO Certification Advertising Rules that you need to know before placing ISO logos anywhere. These are:

(a). Using the complete name of your certification is mandatory.

(b). Sometimes in certain cases, you need to include your certification number also.

(c). please keep in consideration that ISO certification have been granted on your management system not the products itself.

(d). Do not claim certification outside the scope of your business.

About Your Organization

While writing a description of your company’s profile, it is advisable to write few lines about ISO  certification that you have so far succeeded to achieve along with the list of potential clients that you have worked for in your past and are satisfied with your products’ and services quality.

Inclusion In Email Signature

Do include a statement about ISO certification achievement in your email signature as the statement written in the end of your email will definitely be read by your clients, customers or your vendors/suppliers leading to enhanced credibility of your company in marketplace.

Target Print Media

Prepare an effective, short and crisp press release and send it to local and international newspapers agency and business magazines so that your message can reach to your target market.

Marketing Via Blog

A blog post regarding your ISO certification and your journey to all the way of achieving it can be posted accompanied with your celebration pictures with your team can really boost confidence of your peers working under you, your present customers and other potential clients of yours.

Email Marketing

Design a beautiful newsletter with catchy headlines explaining your ISO certification success so that readers can know how you are able to offer everyone improved services. Remember, spamming can take you into deep troubles so avoid it by all means!

Making the Most Of Social Media Platform

A tweet or a post can connect you to the right audience in few blinks. Make yourself socially active on social media by regularly engaging your audience and by boosting your posts and social media activity on paid basis.

Healthy Networking With Past, Present and Future Clients

The power of human touch cannot be ignored. You can host an open day session, an orientation day or a simple networking event can help to connect you with people who are interested in your business, your products and your services. Furthermore, you will get to find many suppliers who will be seeking someone like you to supply their products and services to you so that their portfolio can come in better competitive shape.   

Don’ts of ISO certification Marketing

There are few rules and regulations by which an organization has to abide by them. Enlisted below are some safe ISO marketing tips and tricks that will sink you into hot waters.

Claim and ISO Certification Advertising Rules

If you are owner of more than one companies and any one of your company has got ISO certification successfully then you can only market ISO certification of that company who has got ISO certification successfully and not for the other one that has not got ISO certification. Wrong advertisement can result in legal actions against your organization.

Usage of ISO logo

One cannot really use ISO logo nor can you alter the logo in any way for using it any of your endorsements. One cannot put logo on the products or package of the product.

Mention Complete Name of the ISO standard

ISO Certification Advertising Rules state you must always mention complete name and version of the ISO standard. Delivering half knowledge is one of the bad practice of ISO certification marketing.

ISO Accreditation

Please remember that there is no such thing as ISO accreditation and you cannot claim it so. Legal action can be taken against your organization on wrong public claims.


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