3 Ways ISO Certification Wins More Business

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How ISO Certification Wins More Business

Financial considerations. That is the number one concern of your management team when you ask them to update your quality management system. How is this going to affect the bottom line?

More business means more money. And ISO certification wins more business. Here’s how:

ISO Certification Wins More Business by Getting New Clients

 ISO certification wins more business by putting customers first. Your QMS let’s potential clients know that their satisfaction is your number one priority. Getting certified is like slapping a giant sticker on your company that says: Internationally recognized. Internationally approved.

Clients need some way to filter all the companies vying for their attention. They do this by looking to referrals and third-party certifications.

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ISO Certification Helps You Keep Customers

Keeping a customer is cheaper than winning a new one. Customer retention is the centerpiece of any successful company’s business plan. How do you keep them coming back for more?

ISO certification wins more business by keeping your customers happy. Implementing an ISO approved quality management system allows you to consistently provide high-quality products and services. Continual improvement keeps customers engaged with your business. Exceeding expectations makes them loyal and more likely to refer you to someone they know.

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ISO Certification Wins More Business by Opening Doors

ISO is a requirement for public contracts both nationally and worldwide. Want to work with the US Federal Government? You probably need ISO. Does your company want to win contracts in China or Japan? ISO certification will help.

But the public sector isn’t alone in demanding ISO certification.

ISO certification wins more business in the private sector, too. If you want to become part of a supply chain and a contractor upstream of you has ISO certification, you may need it, too.

Whatever line of work you’re in, ISO certification wins more business.

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