The Savvy IT Consultant: Bidding Government Jobs

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IT consultant Federal Government bids: Department of Defense (NAVSEA, Seaport e-prime), Law Enforcement: FBI ITSC Prime Contract Vehicles: GSA Schedule, GSA Alliant SB, PBS. As lucrative it sounds the effort invested in taking organization from doing smaller contracts to bigger government bids is very tough but worth the time task.

The IT Consultant Evolution

IT consultant in IT field has evolved and made technology more approachable to us. The things of everyday use have the same labor spend by all the IT Companies after getting ISO 27001 whether they be managed services, cloud storage banks, staff augmentation, network structures and so on. With  IT consultant so many organization and unique offerings, the selection process for RFP and RPQ have been redefined.

Till now when there was a need of IT consultant management system to monitor the process was overlooked but competition has increased 10 folds as well.

The government, in order to increase the competition and ensure that baseline is followed, has time to time mandated International Standard Organizations issued technical standards which not only help select best IT consultant of the bidder but reliable partner. This necessitate the process of getting ISO certification.

Getting an IT consultant in the door is very important since each contract can be very crucial to the bottom line. Also, a single contract can act as the spring board to launch organizations into the forefront of these bids.

The thought that stalled small or mid-size companies was that ISO will mandate them to change their business practices, but the fact is completely contrary and a good bit surprising.

Due to constrictive timeline it may be very hard to identify correct service providers who could give a turn key solution without astronomical price and a guarantee that this is possible in less than 30 days.

If you are one of them, Sync Resource team can help.

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