3 Reliable Benefits of Implementing CMMI for Your Business

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You probably know that one of the benefits of implementing CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is that getting US Government contracts is easier once you’re appraised.

The creation of CMMI (derived from CMM) was sponsored by the US Department of Defense to measure the quality and skill of software engineers.

But since the creation of the standard, CMMI has grown beyond software engineering and the DoD. Implementing CMMI means adopting a set standard of global best practices. You improve your performance by focusing on your process.

You build. You benchmark. You improve.

Looking to implement CMMI in your business?

Top Benefits of Implementing CMMI

According to the CMMI Institute, over 10,000 companies have adopted the models in over 100 countries. Those numbers indicate the benefits of implementing CMMI outweigh the costs.

So, what are those benefits?

Here are the Top 3 Benefits of Implementing CMMI.

Save Money

Maybe you’ve found your why in life. You’re in a field of work that feels meaningful to you.

Finding your purpose is great. Making money from pursuing your dreams is even better. Making even more money is the best. That’s where CMMI comes in.

The Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Melon University published a report in 2006 studying large, medium, and small organizations. They found one of the most obvious benefits of implementing CMMI is that the models reduced the cost of doing business. Here are a few systems that allow organizations to see a return on investment in under a year:

  • Earlier detection of errors
  • Improved productivity
  • Less Reworking
  • Fewer Redundancies

Lower costs to you mean savings you can pass onto the consumer, undercutting the competition. These decreased costs coupled with new service delivery strategies and project management practices will also allow you to acquire new customer cheaper.

What questions do you have and how can we help?

Implementing CMMI Makes Projects More Predictable

We all know that project plans are more like guesses. You try to account for as many factors as you can, but your projections are always off.

While implementing CMMI won’t make your plans perfect, projects will become more predictable. After implementing CMMI, General Motors saw an increase in on-time milestone from 50% to 95%. Northrup Grumman Defense Enterprise System had 25 milestones in a row on time after implementation.

Imagine never having to tell another customer or executive that projects are delayed.

Improved Quality

You need to get the best product you can to your customer. Implementing CMMI allows you to improve the quality of your product, allowing you to retain clients and easily gain new ones.

Having a well-defined process reduces the opportunity for error. Thoughtful supervision of your supplier ensures high quality. Clear and strategic management helps teams reach their full potential. All of these strategies together give you a clear path to continual improvement.

Implementing CMMI Improves Productivity

What usually stops your organization from reaching milestones on time?

  • One half or your staff seems to speak a completely different language than the other half.
  • The miscommunication leads three people to do the same job, none of them well.
  • Your staff has gaps in skills that no one is able to identify because oversight is limited.

Implementing CMMI will help teams collaborate more efficiently. Having a standardized way to manage projects will reduce redundancies.

Siemens Information Systems Inc. saw a 25% improvement in productivity over a 3-year period. They learned how to eliminate these routine problems by implementing CMMI.

All the problems you have are common and solvable.

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