Does it Take Too Long to Implement a Quality Management System

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How long will it take to implement a quality management system?

It’s based on your resource availability and capacity, it’s critical that timelines are created. It helps to ensure an appropriate budget is allocated and to monitor the important milestones.

How long will it take to implement a quality management system? 

Here are some rules of thumb.

A generic guideline based on the employee count & number of locations is as below:

  • 50 people or less: Smaller business? Play your cards right, and you’re looking at 6-8 months.
  • Under 500 employees: Get the right people on your team, and you’re doing it in under a year.
  • 500+: Larger means longer, yet you could finish in as few as 15 months.

Most small businesses can implement ISO in 3 months or less with Sync Resource. 

Start with a detailed gap analysis. Gap Analysis helps identify the gaps in policies, procedures, processes, a document review as compared to the standard requirement. Once you know where the difference is, we can figure out how to close the gap.

You can implement quality management by yourself but getting an expert to help you will absolutely speed up the process since the expert focuses on “how to.” While doing it yourself may seem economical, the time and resources used in the trial and error will cost the organization the next customer or contract.

An expert will help you understand the requirement and identify the best way to implement it without changing the core processes. The bottom line is with the right people, you can implement a quality management system quickly, effectively, and most important, correctly.

Become ISO 17025: 2017 accredited. Schedule a call with an ISO expert today! You can also reply to this email or call us now at 1.678.257.2242 for faster service.

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