6 Remarkable Ways ISO 9001 Help Sales

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ISO 9001 help sales and your sales people will love it! ISO 9001 is one of the international standards that has become a magical mantra to improve organizational performance, trigger innovation, improving costs and many more uncountable benefits.

The question here arises that do only manufacturing companies can take benefits from ISO 9001 quality management framework?

Certainly not!

Every organization or even small scale startups can make the fullest to the ISO 9001 standard. It is preferable for startups to get ISO 9001 certification at an early stage as it will them further to get ahead of the existing market competitors. Implementing the system of ISO 9001 works for every industry no matter what they manufacture and the size of the organization.

Being ISO 9001 certified means you are fully able to provide what your business has promised.

How does ISO 9001 Help Sales?

Let’s understand the connection between ISO 9001 and your business’s sales. It is less probable that organizations which are not familiar with ISO 9001 collect feedback to strengthen its relationship with the customer, a system to ensure continuous improvement or a system to win back an angry customer.

If not, then ISO 9001 will surely bring you out from all these troubles:

  1. ISO 9001 Help Sales with Process Standardization

If you have failed in standardizing the processes in your management system then try taking assistance from ISO 9001 that can help you and your team a great way to channelize all the processes. Process Approach can help in integrating all your management processes and helps to achieve your targets of waste production elimination and ISO 9001 help sales with common methodologies.

  1. Customers’ Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is definitely not the end of the story as it won’t benefit your system if you end your progress here. Customer feedback can be converted as a tool so that management system can be benefited and in order to make it possible all you have to do is to do a deep drive for process improvement in accordance with the feedback, you received from the customers.

Whenever the desired improvement being made in your management system then please make sure your customer knows that after his/her feedback, you have made an alteration to your system and now running an improved version of that same management system which will enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Corrective Actions

In case of any deviation, one must be able to perform complete root cause analysis and devise robust corrective actions. The solution provided should be practical on real grounds and it should be poka-yoke. The deviation can be in any form be it lost or damaged shipment, an angry customer or any lost sale target and all those being critical to the business operations, goals and objectives. It is must to provide corrective actions that are applicable to the current business environment.

  1. ISO 9001 Help Sales with Better Risk Management

Effective risk management is a mandatory part of ISO 9001. One of the fundamental foundations of high sales in any sales company is having a risk management plan and doing the best to make it more effective so that sales team can take decisions based on risk assessment on actual basis and evaluate their future decisions and can take calculated risks.

  1. Culture of Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement system can be embedded in any type of organization and if that is a Sales Company then the culture of continuous improvement will be cherry on top. All you need to do is to make your existing customer relationship in better shape and can tap on opportunities to have some new businesses with new customers, enhancing existing operational chain that will result in improving your sales and revenue.

  1. Refining Unique Selling Point

Your sales might have other unique selling points (USPs) but guess what is the new addition to your sales USP is? The message of refined USP can be sent out to new, old and potential customers with full confidence. ISO 9001 can help you with refining and improving your USPs.

Dont’s for a Sales Professionals

Few of the most common sales don’ts have been listed below:

  1. Don’t try to sell to just anyone

Being a sales professional, you just need to define your target audience and your ideal customer so it is preferred not to sell everything to just anyone you see around. You need to see who actually needs your products and how can you make your products and services more beneficial to them.

  1. Don’t Slap your Brochures Everywhere

Avoid being too pushy and handing everyone over your pamphlets and brochures because anyone who will be interested in availing your products or services will approach you by themselves. All you need to do is to educate people about the attributes and benefits of your products or services so please avoid being too pushy because it will irritate many people around you.

  1. Don’t Just Rely on Discounts

The era of giving discounts and catching more sales has been almost passed. Instead of offering discounts or any other monetary benefits, one must concentrate on improving products or services.

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