Benefits of ISO Certification For Medical Devices Industries

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How ISO Certification for Medical Devices Industries is Imperative 

ISO Certification for Medical Devices Industries is a perfect system for standardized precise quality control. The healthcare sector among all the industrial sectors is one of the sector that is highly bound by rules and regulations, regional and international laws, standards and medical guidelines. All medical staff including surgeons, doctors, and nurses with the help of standardized medical high quality precise devices do their maximum efforts to take care of their patients.

With developed standards, legislation support and provided guidelines on medical quality management one is able to serve with consistent high quality results. Other emerging industries like e-health support and services, regenerative medicinal use and nanotechnology have open new horizons in medical industry. The most popular ISO standards in medical and healthcare industry is ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Industries).

Implementing ISO Standards in Medical Healthcare Sector

ISO expert consultants having significant success proven and trustworthy experience specifically in medical devices manufacturing and service industry will be a helping hand in your journey towards ISO system implementation and certification for your business and organization.

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ISO Certification for Medical Devices Manufacturing 

ISO 13485 has been specially designed for medical care devices manufacturing industries keeping in view its requirements, customers’ needs and market competition. Keep in consideration that the medical devices companies operating in and selling their products and services to the European Union and Canada have few special requirements with respect to ISO and ISO standards that are applicable worldwide to many industries and are success guaranteed too.

ISO Certification For Medical Devices ISO 9001 – Quality Management Standard 

ISO 9001 is more of generic i.e. industrial specific quality management system that can be successfully adopted and has been widely accepted by many manufacturing industries including healthcare and medical devices manufacturing industry also. The practical implementation of ISO 9001 not only ensures better quality control system but also comes up with other priceless benefits like:

  • cost savings by reducing rework
  • rejections and waste made during manufacturing processes
  • improved customer care services by reduction in customer complaints making your brand’s image more reputably acceptable as compared to other marketplace robust competitors
  • enhanced employees’ engagement leading
  • unbeatable results in terms of high sales and enhanced customers’ circle by opening more doors to new customers and business opportunities.

Being ISO 9001 compliant can make one more harmonized with other quality control mechanisms.

ISO 13485 – Quality Management for Medical Device Manufacturers

Are you looking for a quality management system that is designed specifically for medical devices manufacturing /service industry? ISO 13485 and ISO Certification For Medical Devices is the answer to all the requirements of healthcare industry. Be it risk management and its controls, process and product validation or accurate product traceability ISO 13485 have it all covered. Moreover ISO 13485 has harmonized clauses with ISO 9001 in the standard keeping in view the medical sector’s requirements.

Fortunately ISO 13485 follows the same process approach as of ISO 9001 so it is much easier to integrate both the systems. One of the vital requirement of ISO 13485 is having a risk management plan in documented form. The brief steps of risk management includes basic three modes which are:

  • Assessment of risks existing in the system
  • Analysis of the identified risks existing in the system
  • Mitigation of the identified risks existing in the system to the best possible level

ISO 13485 represents all the requirements of medical industry in detail and on microscopic level to incorporate manufacturing needs according to modern market and latest design engineering. What ISO 13485 ensures to your customers is the type of medical devices you design or promote has fulfilled is free from flaws that can lead to dissatisfaction for customers, the medical products are environment friendly, the manufacturing processes are validated and the products are traceable, proper risk management activities are being carried out periodically and on need basis, employees’ safety and product safety is first priority and anything being done is properly documented.

In order to get insights about the difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, get your ambiguities cleared now.

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