ISO and Six Sigma methodology-Voice of Customer and Feedback

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Customer’s voice has so much power to be an element of change in ISO and Six Sigma methodology. All industries alike depend on our opinion our likes and dislikes. Customer’s voice is the reason great initiatives are undertaken, innovations are made, quality is embraced and changes are made. But it is also very important to understand how the voice works to bring about all this.

Customer feedback is terms of Quality for ISO or Six Sigma is similar.

Services and Products exist for customer usability and if customer feedback is not considered all the efforts for creating value are useless. ISO and Six Sigma are system and tool respectively for customer satisfaction. Initiatives like ISO and Six Sigma methodology are very critical to organizations since in order to sustain and retain their customers in addition to basic and performance attributes management has to consider providing Exciters. Even as an employee evaluation if you just do what job entails your evaluation is going to be average but if you exceed beyond your job responsibilities that when you are eligible for raise such is the case for any product or service. Quality is so inherent property that after every aspect of consistent performance is fulfilled, what a customer needs is an added value, delighter and change. If their voice is not incorporated and reviewed in Management reviews and analyzed there is no scope of development. All processes over time deviate from performance parameters. They have to be recalibrated periodically just like any instrument. Customer expectation and feedbacks are those recalibration tools required to verify and validate the operations and processes and generate recurring business from customers.

Quality is now a day’s considered discretionary service. But if quality does not exist the product and service are of no use. So no matter if the times are good or bad the requirement of quality as the basic attribute for customer satisfaction is going to exist.

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