Quality management system (QMS)

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It’s that time of year when catching cold and flu is much anticipated in Quality management system. Those of us with lower immunities are more susceptible. Taking this as an analogy in our work life how often do we spend each day of our working hours just putting fire after fire? There seems no end to this drag.  All this translates into finding someone to blame and nothing brings the morale of the employees down than to stand in defensive. Creativity, efficiency , output everything and Quality management system goes down and the result is lower performance and at some point it all catches up with top management too since nothing is getting done.

The concept of Quality management system is a process is not to make it difficult for employees to function and make them slaves of paperwork but to help in streamlining flow of work. It seems very easy to get work done by not leaving a paper trail. It’s not like all the companies out there who do not follow any kind of internal quality system are not functioning good, not thriving, making profit.  So why go through Quality management system tedious effort of having a good and functional internal quality system.

It just takes company to Quality management system. The Webster meaning of immunity is quality of being immune, exemption from something burdensome. A quality system is not just for better and well documented process but as a tool to acknowledge that product or service you provide are up to customer expectation. Every organization has a time frame which depends on the kind of service or product they provide. In order to have a steady continual growth new improvements and exciting promotions have to be unveiled. Why do you think that HP, IBM, Motorola are not able to promise 10, 20, 30% of gains and show future projections. They stopped long time ago showing and promising that sort of gains. Does that mean to just keep doing what you are and let time speak for itself?

Just like when you catch cold all you can do is to withstand and stronger you are more tolerant you will be. Same goes with the economy. Economic downtime is not a onetime thing. Our economy is cyclical and the more organized your company is, stronger you will come out of those low times with better prospects and thrive.R

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