Is Six Sigma A Solution to All?

There is a buzz around the word Six Sigma. It’s the most hyped thing now. As a business owner or part of organization everyone knows concept of quality and ways to improve work, reduce costs, remove redundancies. There are a lot of new ways to implement the process but the end result need to be one that improves quality, Increases ROI and keeps a  relatively happier and content customer. If there is a problem it needs to be solved with the actions.

With so many recalls from Toyota, FDA recall for eggs, it’s a challenge to emphasize and claim with conviction that all can be fixed with Six Sigma. Yes, like any methodology consider Six Sigma a good tool box. The implementation and alignment to business process is a variable parameter and depends on Implementation team & Management.

Utilizing the tools from the Six Sigma and following each step of DMAIC, a proactive deployment team with efficient people in effective places is a good start. Identifying a more probable cause and working to control is better than guessing and spending innumerable man hours and resources without any results.

Still, no matter if a faulty gas pedal car is bought by a customer and if accident happens, nobody is looking for the quality methodology practiced but a fix to problem. Organizations have great power and responsibility to embrace and effectively ingrain the principles of quality is every facet of their product or service. Any technology or methodology will be a solution if people applying it to derive solution have good knowledge, skill, support of management and team and are in line with organization’s objectives. But trying to utilize the tools and solving the economy or the dwindling financial industry or struggling housing market to find a solution will just take more than a Six Sigma Black Belt.

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  • Chassidy

    February 16, 2012 at 6:07 am

    Wonderful explanation of facts available here.

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